Collectibles have always been part of our lives. We went from matchboxes to call-cards and stamps before we were won over by the magical world of the world currency. The beginning of the search and study of currency came for us in 2015 when we received a collection of gold, silver and bronze coins. Those coins won us over, we loved it and thus started a very beautiful journey.
In 2017, as part of our effort to grow and upgrade our collection, the volume of sales and exchanges was such that it gave birth to the idea of ​​creating a physical store where we can share our love for currency and help create monetary collections.
HK PRECIOUS COLLECTIBLES, based on the initials of our names, was inaugurated in May 2018 in the heart of Kolonaki as a modern store for the creation of currency collections and the purchase and sale of gold and silver.
In our store you will find a wide range of collectible coins from around the world as well as a variety of investments such as gold pounds, krugerrand, silver ounces, etc.
Given our love and deep knowledge of currency we can also responsibly appreciate collections of coins and banknotes as well as individual pieces with respect and absolute honesty to the customer.
We would love to see you in person and discuss our common passion, Coins!
Best Regards ,
Elias Margetis, Kostis Mpatsaris